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Why hire a professional photographer?

The answer to this may not be obvious, but it is very important to understand: The majority of us only get married once! Do you want to trust the happiest and most memorable day of your life to a non-professional photographer—a “photographer” who uses substandard equipment (and perhaps no backup equipment). Or a “photographer” who sticks to a series of boring, unimaginative images that he/she can cruise through with little to no effort?

When hiring a professional photographer you will be secure in the knowledge that he/she will arrive at your wedding early, prepared, and relaxed with the intention of creating incredible images and then delivering the results to you on time. With the experience of having photographed many weddings, a professional photographer should be at ease during your wedding. As a professional photographer, he/she will be completely comfortable working with individuals, couples and groups to make the formal (semi-posed) photography go smoothly. When you think about the cost of photography, remember that the photographer’s fee is only part of your investment. You, your parents, your extended family and your friends will be investing time with the photographer during your wedding. Make sure to pick a photographer whose company you enjoy, a person whom you are relaxed with, one whom you can laugh and joke with, and one who let’s you be you. This helps the photographer produce wedding photos that you will love!

Although a professional photographer will mean a little more of an investment, is it not a day that warrants spoiling yourself? Do you want cookie-cutter-style photos that the photographer has done so many times that he/she looks bored? Or would you like beautiful, original images that capture the moments of your wedding as professionally and creatively as possible?

Professional photographer Devin Card takes photos at destination weddings

So, I want a professional to photograph my wedding. What do I do next?

  1. Visit wedding photography websites by searching with Google or another search engine for keywords like “weddings,” “wedding photos,” “wedding portraits,” “wedding photographer,” “wedding photographers,” “wedding photography,” “wedding packages,” and “wedding images.” To get local results don’t forget to add keywords designating the city and region you are looking for. Look through the websites and phone the photographer who best suits your style with beautiful photos that are not only creative but original and fun. Emailing is not nearly personal enough for wedding photography. If you like the photographer on the phone, plan to meet for a quick coffee and a chat. Once you have decided on a photographer whose art has meaning to you and whom you connect with, discuss prices, deposits, packages, quantity of pictures and so on.
  2. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for recommendations
  3. Visit bridal fairs and expositions.

whether you find the photographer online, from recommendations, or at a bridal fair, you’ll want to interview him/her.

Custom wedding photography packages are available

How much will wedding photography cost?

Even when shopping for shoes or a new dress, you wouldn’t ask that question until you find the style and quality you like. After you have looked through a photographer’s website, seeing candids, formals and creative pictures, you will know if this photographer has the personality, technique, style and spirit to record the precious moments from your wedding day. Of course, you should determine if the photographer is within your budget, give or take a little, but what you really want from your wedding day photography is all those special moments and memories captured and recorded so that the feelings that you have on your wedding day will be present in those images for decades to come. If you find a photographer who makes you happy, you never will regret your choice, whatever the investment. Have you noticed, when we have invested in things that will be with us for the rest of our lives, our satisfaction has been highest when we have paid that extra bit for the best quality?

As far as my prices go, they vary depending on the package you choose and the season your wedding is in. For more information please check out my wedding packages and then contact me for an estimate.

Wedding photography costs vary by photographer

What should I look for when I am looking at a photographer’s work?

Lighting quality is an important ingredient in superior photographs. The light should be natural and flattering so the pictures look three-dimensional. Overuse of on-camera flash can ruin wedding pictures. Watch out for flattened faces, harsh reflections off cheeks and foreheads, and dark shadows directly behind or next to the subjects. With finesse and a little technical know-how, a fine photographer can work with almost any outdoor lighting situation without overusing flash.

Look for a variety in subject size – a mix of distant, medium and closeup pictures. Even with groups, lighting and posing should be interesting. The well-posed bridal portrait should minimize the subjects’ flaws (weight problem, blemishes, etc.) and express who each subject is and how he/she feels. You want pictures that tell the story simply, with immediate impact, and as if the photographer was not even there.

It’s like dyeing hair or applying makeup so that it looks natural.

It is also important that you see a photographer’s work at a wedding from start to finish, not just a collection of highlights from a dozen different weddings. Ask for a DVD. If a photographers website contains just a few photos from each wedding, you are not seeing an accurate representation of the results you might expect from your wedding. It is reasonable for you to expect the same quality work at your wedding that the photographer shows you when you first visit, especially if the sample images match the setting and time of day of your wedding.

Selecting a wedding photographer is very personal

What do you offer as a professional photographer?

I am a relaxed, experienced wedding photographer with an abundance of creative energy located in Victoria BC. I would not consider myself a pretentious or uptight wedding photographer as I love to play and have fun with all of my clients. This energy that I share with my clients allows them to be totally relaxed and comfortable thereby creating the potential for fantastic images of their wedding day.

As an experienced professional in the field of wedding photography; I use professional equipment, which means I work with two cameras and a variety lenses. Thus, I can create a portfolio of images of your wedding day ranging from from stunning wide-angle scenic photos to emotion-capturing images shot discretely from a distance with my telephoto lenses. To create fantastic images I also use external flash and reflectors for difficult lighting situations.

What is your style?

My photographic style is a mix of photojournalism, creative fine art, fashion-inspired and semi-posed or prompted. I believe in using every style and even creating some new ones to provide my clients with the most modern, original and creative photos.


How can we contact you?

My photography business is located in beautiful Victoria, BC. Please contact me today for a no-pressure consultation to discuss your wedding photography, commercial photography, portrait photography or fashion photography needs: or (250) 419-1506.


What locations do you serve?

I am located in the gorgeous capital city of Victoria, British Columbia. Locally, I will travel across Vancouver Island (including Sooke, Duncan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Tofino, Parksville, Ladysmith, Comox, Campbell River and Courtenay and the Gulf Islands of Thetis, Saturna, Saltspring, Pender, Gabriola and Bowen Island) and the lower mainland (including Vancouver, Whistler, Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Abbotsford, Richmond, Chilliwack and Hope) to photograph your wedding or other event or to capture family portraits.

I also provide destination wedding photography services in Spanish–speaking countries, specializing in Cuba & the Caribbean. Visit my Cuban wedding photography website.


How much are travel fees?

I rarely charge travel fees with full packages. I may need to charge a small fee if your wedding is on a Gulf Island.


Where can I find pricing on your wedding photography packages?

See the information on my wedding packages and prices page. Please contact me for a custom-tailored quotation just for you.


Can I customize my own wedding photography package?

I have many different wedding packages available, and, yes, you can customize your own package.

Do you take VISA? How do I pay?

I currently accept PayPal which will process VISA cards. Please use my email address, to send payments to me via PayPal. You can also pay by cheque, cash, money order, wire transfer or direct deposit at any Coast Capital Savings bank. I will send the necessary information when we have confirmed all the necessary details and are ready to proceed with reserving your wedding day.

Are you digital, or do you use film?

I shoot with the latest state-of-the-art digital cameras and flash units. I retouch all images to provide you with breathtaking memories.


Do you supply digital negatives?

I supply digital negatives for all the images in colour and B&W. This gives my clients the freedom to share and enlarge their images according to their needs.


Is it possible to have black-and-white wedding photos?

I provide you with both colour and black-and-white photography at no additional charge.


How many proofs will I receive with my wedding photography package? Do you put logos on the prints?

I provide beautiful 4×6 unmarked prints with no logos. The number of proofs/prints will depend on the coverage you request, but I always provide you with the best pictures of the day so you have an idea of how your wedding photos will print.


Who pays for shipping, and how is my package shipped?

I charge a small fee for shipping packages to couples outside British Columbia. All packages are sent via Canada Post.


When will I receive my wedding photography proofs and digital images?

All wedding photography proofs are sent to the bride and groom’s / wedding couple’s address within five weeks of the wedding date. They often are sent before five weeks.


What do you do if it rains on our wedding day?

Rain showers are a reality in every part of the world. I am prepared to shoot indoors if need be. We also can create some fun shots with umbrellas or parasols if you choose to bring them. With location photography in and around Vancouver Island, mainland British Columbia, and Cuba, it is easy to sneak inside to skip a rain shower. Also, we will have no huge time pressures, so we can spend multiple afternoons doing location photography if the weather does not cooperate.


How much time should I plan to spend on wedding photography?

Here are some general outlines for how long your wedding day can take:


Bridal Party Preparations

You will need 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. I recommend having your hair and makeup done at least 1.5 hours before your ceremony. I can then spend some quality time photographing you putting on your dress and veil, sharing a nice champagne toast with your bridesmaids and parents and having some intimate portraits with the girls before the big event occurs.


The ceremony runs about 30-45 minutes with family photos directly afterward. Family portraits can take between 20 and 60 minutes. It takes between 2 to 5 minutes per grouping. I recommend bringing your family to no more than one location because I find family members can get bored and distracted if they’re kept too long. I give the same advice for wedding party portraits: I give the same advice for wedding party portraits. It can take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the size of the party and I recommend taking the wedding party to no more than one location. They can get bored and restless waiting for us to do the fun and creative portraits of the two of you.

Creative & Fun Portraits

I recommend planning at least one special location away from other guests and distractions for 1.5 to 3 hours during your wedding day. This allows me enough time to give you a variety of fun and creative images that will tell a beautiful story of the love and enjoyment of life you share.


I am usually asked to stay until the first dance; however, some of my packages include enough hours to allow me to photography the bouquet and garter toss and some of the dancing afterwards.


Should I make a list of my desired wedding photography photos?

I request a list of family combinations and specific bride and groom shots to ensure I get all the shots you want. In the past, some clients have cut out photos from magazines to show me the wedding photography that they like the best. I also am happy to receive links by email. This is a great way to share your vision of the style of photographs that inspire you.


Do you need a reservation deposit?

Yes, I request 50% of the wedding fee to be paid at the time of the booking and the remainder to be paid by the date of your wedding.


Do you have any online wedding galleries?

Yes, I do have online wedding galleries. Please visit more photos under the wedding photography section of my website.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes, I offer the option of creating a photo storybook from Asuka. It is a coffee-table book printed with flush photos.


Do you require a meal if we book you for the reception?

It is recommended that the couple provide a meal. People generally do not like to be photographed while they are eating, so I take a break during the actual dinner.


How do I reserve my wedding date with Devin Card?

Please contact me for a no-pressure consultation. I have a standard contract that I ask all couples to sign to book the date.



Destination Weddings

Are you contemplating hiring a resort photographer for your destination wedding? The following may give you some food for thought on choosing a destination wedding photographer over a resort photographer.

Is there a website to view samples of the photographer’s work to ensure quality?

If there is no website available, ask the photographer to mail some samples so you can see the quality of the printing.


What equipment does the photographer use? Is it a professional SLR camera or is it a point-and-shoot digital camera? Does the photographer have a back up camera and extra lenses for a variety of creative shots or in case something goes wrong?

Do you want to trust your wedding day to a “professional” who uses a point and shoot digital camera (like the one you own)? If their camera malfunctions will they have a backup to continue with or are out of luck?


Does the photographer speak English?

It is very challenging to create beautiful, relaxed images when there is a language barrier. Besides speaking English as a first language, I consider myself fluent enough in the Spanish language to allow me to communicate everything my clients or I might need.


How long will the photographer spend with me? When does coverage start and end?

Typically, a resort photographer will cover the ceremony and some posed photos afterwards (about two hours) If you want full-day coverage from bridal party preparations until the dancing you will have to ask for a special package from the hotel. I provide full-day coverage along with some location photography away from the resort, depending on the package you choose.


How much are prints going to cost? How much to buy the digital negatives on top of that?

(Destination wedding photography in Cuba only) This is very important, as the quality of printing is very poor in Cuba! You must secure the negatives to do colour correction, touch-ups and printing in your own country!


What is my commitment to buying the photos if I don’t like them?

Make sure the resort does not have a contract stating you have to buy the photos if you do not like them.

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